Covid-19 Disinfection, Cleaning and Safety Precautions

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak we would like to make you aware of changes we have made to our cleaning service.  The Cleaning Agents LLC is 100% committed to doing our part to keep you and your family safe not only during this current pandemic but by staying mindful of what we have learned and carrying these practices forward into the future.  We have now added our Full Disinfection Protocol for all touch-point surfaces throughout your home.

Rest assured, we guarantee our disinfectant solutions, sprays and wipes to be CDC approved to kill viruses and germs (including SARS corona virus) and is safe for you, your family and your pets.

Our Full Disinfection Protocol will begin by thoroughly cleaning each area, we will then apply our CDC approved hospital grade disinfectant to the following areas:

  • All light switches (wall and table lamps)
  • Doorknobs and touch pads
  • TV remotes; land line phones
  • All cabinet handles/pulls
  • Faucets; sinks; counter tops
  • Appliance handles and control knobs
  • Toilet seats, flush handles and any area within the “toilet sneeze” zone*
  • Shower bases; safety grip/bar
  • stair railing

*the “sneeze effect” is a term coined by Dr. Charles Gerba to describe the invisible cloud of toilet water that is projected into the air each time a toilet is flushed

In addition to our Full Disinfection Protocol, we are following CDC guidelines to protect both your family and ours by implementing the following CDC recommendations most of which have already been in place prior to Covid-19 pandemic:

  • Our Agents will wash hands/use sanitizer before entering your home
  • While in your home our Agents will wear available PPE (gloves, shoe covers, masks) gloves will be changed often after cleaning heavy use areas
  • To maintain social distancing our Agents will work in no more than two person team
  • Cleaning cloths and mop heads are laundered using hospital grade detergent then ran though sanitizing cycle
  • All cleaning equipment will be cleaned and sprayed with our disinfecting sanitizer before entering your home
  • Our company vehicles are kept clean and Agents will wipe touch-points (steering wheel, gear shift etc) with sanitizing wipes each time they enter the car.
  • We will send home any Agent who is not feeling well or showing flu like symptoms;  will we not clean if  anyone in a house is sick or showing symptoms of the virus
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