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What kind of products do you use?
Environmentally safe, pet friendly, non abrasive “green” products Are you licensed, bonded & insured?

Do you use your own equipment & supplies?

Will you use my equipment & supplies if I request?

Can I request a specific day of the week and time of day?
We do our very best to accommodate your request but keep in mind we are a service so we can give a narrowed window of approximately 2 hours

What type of payments do you accept?
Cash, check, credit card, ACH debit & PayPal

When is my payment due?
Payment is expected before or at the time of services unless a previous agreement was made

Will the same team clean my house each time?
We will do our very best to keep the same team cleaning your home every time with your customized checklist

Can I help create my customized checklist for my home?
Yes! With your help in creating your customized checklist, it will ensure your satisfaction of our services every single time.

Do you accept tips?
Gratuity is never expected but always appreciated.

Do you have a cancellation policy?
Cancellations are expected 48 hours ahead if your schedules cleaning or a charge of 25% will be added.

Do your employees have background checks and drug testing?

What if I am unhappy with my cleaning?
Please call us within 24 hours so that we may see & fix the problem. Your satisfaction is guaranteed & matters to us!

Do I have to be home for the cleaning?
No, most of our clients are not home during cleaning. We will get special instructions from you on how to enter & exit your home should not be home, in a safe way.

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